Businesses and organizations we encourage you to support.

Strategic Landscape Design

Strategic Landscape Design (SLD) is the "big brother" company that was foundational to starting Strategic Self-Defense. SLD offers a broad variety of consulting and design services focused on helping American Patriots live a prepared resilient lifestyle.


AmRRON is a network of Preppers, Patriots and Redoubters who have volunteered to keep each other connected when other means of communications are unavailable or unreliable. Become part of this emergency communications group by visiting their website.

Prepping 2.0

Authors Glen and Shelby interview a broad variety of guests on their radio show to help people take their preparations to the next level.

Radio Free Redoubt

A podcast hosted by John Jacob Schmidt that covers current topics related to life as God-Fearing, Liberty-Loving Patriots living in the American Redoubt area.